Sunday, 23 August 2015

Dream House: Office/Study & Crafty Room

Back to the Dream House series.
I always wanted to have an office/study room in a house or a flat. 
A place to be creative and really concentrate on my work. 
I would always try to be organized and have more motivation for work. 
The same with the crafty room. I love to make different arty things and such a room would be my own little escape from the world. 


Both of these pictures are from Zoella's blog. Love her study!

 Crafty Room:

Hope you liked this kind of post. 
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  1. Hey Honey. That kind of posts are fantastic, very motivating :) i am thinking about my future house and i have to admit that your propositions are fabulous.
    But i have a question. Would you mind showing us the post with fall, autumn outfits? I bought fantastic jeans and i want to complete them with shoes or cosy sweaters. Thanks in advance :)

    1. I'm so sorry, for not writing back and not posting anything. I had crazy few weeks. But as Christmas is coming I want to come back and try to post something. So If you don't mind I'll make some outfit ideas with jeans for winter. I just started working on it so it will be up today! xxx