Sunday, 4 May 2014

Things I Want To Do In My Life..

Hey everyone,
I was just going through some of my documents on my computer and I found this big list of things I want to do in life, like what I want to achieve or just do in my lifetime. It was named " Thing I Want In Life ". I think I should be reading it more often to give me motivation.          
I decided to share some of these with you.

1.       Be Happy.
2. For my best friends to stay my best friends forever. 
3. To live in the UK.
4. To write a book.
5. Visit Palau with my best friend ( it's a private joke ) 
6. Maybe have a Youtube channel one day :)
7. Smile more, worry less.
8. Go sky diving. 
9. Have the perfect body. 
10.  Get a tattoo
11. Have a husband and 3 kids. 
12.  Be more confident
13. Get driving license 
14. Be a stylist/ makeup artist or a psychologist. 
15. Visit USA and Australia. 

Hope you like this post and if you have any questions, requests or comments please leave them below. 



  1. Omg,3 children...that's insane...

    1. Yeah I head that many times :) maybe it will change. Who knows?! xx

  2. I kmow that we all have lot of schoolworks but you should post will not take a long time...
    You do not care about us ,other bloggers....

    1. I'm sorry once again, but I do have a lot of school work as it's the end of the year. I have exams this whole week and they are killing me.
      I wish I could post more often like every day, but it's not possible during school year. It takes me a lot of time to take the pictures, edit them and write. I want the post to look as perfect as I can so it does take me some time.
      I just posted a new post so you can go and have a look and I hope you like it.
      I'll try to post every week from now on.. if not then I'm very sorry. xx