Thursday, 3 April 2014

Inspiring Wednesday #1

Hello everyone,
So like I said in my last post I'll be posting a quick and short post every Wednesday with a quote, saying or something that I write to make you go through the rest of the week. I'm so sorry I didn't post it yesterday, but I started doing my Biology lab and it's just took me forever. Anyway I hope you will like them.

Yeah I know what you think it's easy and we do believe in our dreams.
But I know that some people don't 
they have these days and hours where they don't believe
they can get there or do what they want
YES you can do that!
Just believe in yourself
Show everyone that told you different that you can do that!
Don't be afraid to dream and make those dreams come true. 
If you believe you can do EVERYTHING 
you will get what you want! 
Don't get heaters or anyone get to you throughout that journey
of making you dreams come true!
I believe you can do that and you should too!  



  1. A lot of time you dream about things, and they never happen..

  2. Maybe they are not meant to happen. x