Sunday, 29 June 2014

May & June Favourites

Hello everyone,
So its time for another favourites post. I just wanted to say that there will be posts the next two weeks like always on a Sunday, but I won't be able to announce when is it up on any of my social media. I think I won't have internet for few weeks so I just want you to know that the posts will still be going up. I hope that makes sense.
Anyway let's go back to the favourites, there are few product that I just loved these two months.

Alright lets start with all the things I have from Soap&Glory, I mentioned them in my Haul post , when I used them for the first time I just fell in love! These products are the best shower products I have ever used. I have the Foam Call Body Wash, it smells of peppermint, grape seeds, fig and orange waterjuice. It's quite sweet, but also very fresh. So if you want a shower foam that it not too sweet or fo fresh/fruity go for this one! Also what I love about this product is that the smell stays on your skin after the shower, which is very rare for shower gels. 
Next we have the Smoothie The Breakfast Scrub with oat, shea butter, sugar  body smoother, organic cupuacu bio scrubs, bananas, almonds and honey extracts. Which is quite a few ingredients but that makes this scrub the best scrub ever!! The smell is super sweet and makes you body feel so smooth and nourished. 
Another scrub is the Flake Away with shea butter, sugar and peach seed body polish. The smell is much, different from the Smoothie Body Scrub, it's strong, fresh flowery scent. It's very hard to describe this smell as it's very specific, but it's beautiful as well. It makes your skin super soft. 
Then we have the Sugar Crush Body Buttercream with shea & cocoa nut balm, lime & almond oils and kiwi juice water. The smell is sweet like vanilla, chocolate and cream with lime which makes it fruity and fresh. This makes you skin very soft, moisturized and energized. At first the smell is very fresh like limes but later it turns into this chocolate and vanilla heaven!  
I often use these products together and they fit each other perfectly!
The last thing from Soap&Glory we have the Hand Food hand cream. It's with shea butter, macadamia old and marshmallow. Just by reading these ingredients you can imagine how it smells like. The hands feel so amazing after applying, it's non-greasy texture and very hydrating.  

Let's move to the next beauty products will be the Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Lip Gloss. I wrote about these already in my December & January Favourites. I wrote a description about these so you can have a look if you want to know about the texture of the smell. Also the light shimmery one is called Bubble It Up and the rosy pink one is called Passion Fruit Pop.  

Next we have the NYX concealer that I did write about in my March & April Favourites  It's my second bottle of this. I really like how it covers everything and the texture is very light. 

What I also used many times these two months was the Bourjois Bronzing Powder in 52. It's quite shimmery and I feel like it looks the best applied with a big brush and the contour it with a smaller one. It's smells super sweet and it looks like chocolate! 

I wrote about this lip stain in my March & April Favourites. It's my third from the Rimeel Apocalips collection and I love them to pieces except for the smell. This one is in colour 501 Stellar. 

Last beauty things would be my products for eye makeup. Recently I have been loving the bronze and gold eye look that I'm wearing almost everyday now. I use this Maybelline Color Tattoo in 35-On and on Bronze as a base and the gold eyeshadow from Inglot for crease ( the colour is called 406 ). I just love how they look on my eyes and they are great for light coloured eyes.

Moving on to the non beauty stuff:

The whole soundtrack from the film "The Fault In Our Stars"
When Will My LIfe Begin - Tangled 
Love Is An Open Door - Frozen 
Rather Be - Clean Bandit Ft. Fess Glynne
My Love - Route 94 Ft. Jess Glynne
I'm Your Sacrifice - Ozark Henry

I have to say "The Fault In Our Stars" 

Hope you like this post, if you have any comments or questions please leave them below.
Also if you have any requests please tell me!!

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Summer Haul + Small Beauty Haul From London.

Hello everyone,
So for the past few months I have been shopping from time to time. Summer is coming and I'm planing many things so that meant I needed to get some new clothes and shoes.
Just to say at the beginning, these things are bought in the time of few months and I'm not trying to brag or anything.
There are also few things that I got from my dad when he went to London two or more weeks ago, he was at Boots and I asked for several things from Soap&Glory. When it comes to clothes and shoes I'll write where I got them under the photos.

Let's start with shoes, for me it's really hard to find any shoes now. I have very boney feet, as weird as it sounds, well that's the truth. All these shoes I absolutely love and they are comfortable for me, of course to some extent as after a while or at the beginning they weren't so great.

First we have my ballerines, they are super cute. I really like how they look on your feet - so delicate and girly. I have the black and the gray ones, the black ones are a bit too small for me as I got the wrong size but they still do fit - I just can't walk in them for very long time. The gray ones as bigger and they are much more comfortable. Maybe you are able to see that they are dirty in the inside - that's because I went for a walk in the forest and well lets just say it wasn't nice.
They are both from H&M and there are many more colours.
Next we have flip flops. You know what can I say, they are just standard flip flops for summer time. I really like the flowers on them as they bring something different and they match both of my bikinis. They are also very comfortable and they where on sale so I had to get them. 

Oysho. There is a sale there now so go and have a look!
Next we have my favourites right now and they are these sandals. I really liked the details on the front, as it's just something different. They are very comfortable, even for me.

Again they are from Oysho. 
The last we have my new high heels sandals. I never had shoes like that as I love high heel shoes but they hate me! I can hardly find any shoes that are comfortable and I can walk for a while. These are quite high, but I can walk in them for almost the whole day and my feet are not hurting. I also really like how they look on you feet. 

They are from Pull&Bear.
Now lets move onto fashion, it's really hard to take good pictures of the things but I'll try my best to show you, some of them I have pictures wearing so it will be easier. 

Pink one: Bershka
Black with tiny flowers: Cubus
Floral :H&M
These are my newest crop tops, I absolutely love them and I usually where them to skirts or high waisted shorts. 

This shirt is from H&M
This cute and sleeveless shirt, it's this lovely baby blue with small back/purple birds.  

These trausers are from H&M and the same with normal black leggings.
That's the gray cardigan, that baby blue shirt and black sandals.

Cardigan and these printed baggy trousers.

Again these baggy trousers and high heel sandals. 
Moving to the beauty or actually more like bath and shower haul. My dad was in London and I asked for few things from Soap&Glory. I absolutely love these products, I have been using them for a while now and I'm so scared I will run out of them in few weeks. They will be surly in my next post as it will be a favourites post so there will be more detail about them. 

These are the:
Foam Call Body Wash
Sugar Crush Body Buttercream
Flake Away Body Scrub
Smoothie Breakfast Scrub

Hope you liked this post and it if you have questions, comments, requests or ideas please leave them below. 
Also all of these pictures of me wearing the clothes are on my Instagram if you wanted to see.


Sunday, 15 June 2014

Classy Dresses For Summer!

Hello everyone,
Not so long ago I came across this amazing shop online. Literally I wanted to buy everything while scrolling through the pages. I wanted to show you the side as it has amazing prices and the shipping is worldwide!
I picked some of my favourite dresses, I found and I'm thinking of buying them someday!

I personally love this dress, I think it the most classy and beautiful dress ever! I feel that you could wear it with flats, but also with heels. The back cut  is looking so amazing. This dress would be amazing for any party or any special occasion. 
This dress is also super affordable, it's only $22.99. 

This lovely and girly dress would be great for a birthday party or a date. 
I feel like it's just so cute! The beautiful heart detail on the back is just so different in a positive way.
Again it's super affordable. It's $20.99

This dress is just so amazing I can't even express that! The colour is so beautiful, 
the back is cut in such a sexy way.
It's quite short, but I still think that if you are going out it's a great choice. 
It's only $21.99.

 Maybe it looks very simple, but I believe it's very classy and girly. 
So simple yet so beautiful!
It costs only $14.99

I picked this dress as I love the flowers on that navy colour. 
It will be great for spring/summer time. 
Also the back is a tiny bit longer then the front. 
It's $21.00

I really like this dress I feel like it's a staple for everyone.
It's a twist to a old classic to a little black dress. 
It' costs $21.00

Do you see that collar!?! 
If you like collar and cute dresses like me, you will love that! 
It's again very affordable price and the dress is just amazing. 

I think that this dress is just sooo girly and great for spring summer!
The yellow/lime neon colour is just great for the warm seasons!
The back cut into a heart is just beautiful!
It costs $22.99

Again all these dresses are from this page! The prices are super affordable as you are able to see and it has free delivery worldwide which just makes it even better!! 
You are able to buy many clothes for a low price and you are able to find things that are not available in normal shops. 
I just picked dresses that I personally fell in love with, but you can find absolutely anything there from accessories to jackets!
They have amazing things!
Let me know what you think about it and if you are planning on buying anything.

Hope you liked this post and it gave you any inspiration for the summer time. 
If you have any comments, requests, questions or ideas please leave them below.


Sunday, 8 June 2014

Spring/Summer Nail Polish Must Haves!

Hello everyone,
Sorry for not writing anything last week, luckily school is ending in few weeks so I'll have more time, to finally concentrate on this blog. I promise that I'll do everything so that from now on till the end of summer I'll post every week and maybe during summer twice when I'm at home. If there are any posts you would like me to write about please let me know.
I got a comment that you would like to know more about me and my life?! I'll think about some things I could write about, concerning myself. Let me know what you think?! And what you want to know :)

Now let's move to the post itself, as summer is coming I thought I would show you guys my top summer nail polish must haves! I think most of them are quite universal and they are also great during other seasons.

From Left:
Essie - Resort Fling (light orange )
Essence - 128 Let's Get Lost ( quite dark blue sea )
Rimmel - 260 Funtime Fuschia (lovely dark pink )
Catrice - 01 Karl Says Tres Chic ( dirty baby pink )
Essence - 125 Absolutely Blue ( amazing gray/blue )
Essie - Mint Candy Apple ( minty/light green )
Essie - Spaghetti Strap ( transparent baby pink )

From Left:
Essie - Find Me An Oasis ( really light baby blue )
Essie - Lapiz Of Luxury ( sky blue )
Rimmel - 402 Urban Purple ( dark pink/purple )
Essence - 109 Off To Miami! ( coraly )
Rimmel - 500 Peppermint ( darker mint )
Essie  - Fiji ( really light baby pink )
Topshop - Pool Party ( dark mint/blue )

From Right: 
Eveline - 802 ( barbie pink )
Essie - Russian Roulette ( classic red )
Inglot - 382 ( pearly orange )
Essie - Need A Vacation ( classic pink )

From Right: 
Essie - Under The Twilight ( plumy/super dark purple )
Catrice - 04 Orange - Utan ( bright orange )
Rimmel - 430 Coralicious ( super dark coral/red )
Barry M - Blueberry 319 ( beautiful blue )
Essie - Lilacism ( very light purple )
Essence - 146 That's What I Mint ( true mint )
Essie - Cute As A Button ( true coral ) MY ABSOLUTELY FAVOURITE! 

From Left:
L'oreal - 208 So Chic Pink ( coral - almost the same as Essie - Cute As A Button )
Essie - Cocktail Bling ( blue/gray )
Inglot - 337 ( super light pink )
Essie - Cocktails & Coconuts ( golden beige )

Hope you liked this post, in few weeks there will be a nail polish collection post, maybe a lookbook and many many more. I really hope I'll have more time to post every week. 
I have so many ideas and so little time.

If you have any question, requests, ideas or comments please leave them below or contact me.