Sunday, 15 June 2014

Classy Dresses For Summer!

Hello everyone,
Not so long ago I came across this amazing shop online. Literally I wanted to buy everything while scrolling through the pages. I wanted to show you the side as it has amazing prices and the shipping is worldwide!
I picked some of my favourite dresses, I found and I'm thinking of buying them someday!

I personally love this dress, I think it the most classy and beautiful dress ever! I feel that you could wear it with flats, but also with heels. The back cut  is looking so amazing. This dress would be amazing for any party or any special occasion. 
This dress is also super affordable, it's only $22.99. 

This lovely and girly dress would be great for a birthday party or a date. 
I feel like it's just so cute! The beautiful heart detail on the back is just so different in a positive way.
Again it's super affordable. It's $20.99

This dress is just so amazing I can't even express that! The colour is so beautiful, 
the back is cut in such a sexy way.
It's quite short, but I still think that if you are going out it's a great choice. 
It's only $21.99.

 Maybe it looks very simple, but I believe it's very classy and girly. 
So simple yet so beautiful!
It costs only $14.99

I picked this dress as I love the flowers on that navy colour. 
It will be great for spring/summer time. 
Also the back is a tiny bit longer then the front. 
It's $21.00

I really like this dress I feel like it's a staple for everyone.
It's a twist to a old classic to a little black dress. 
It' costs $21.00

Do you see that collar!?! 
If you like collar and cute dresses like me, you will love that! 
It's again very affordable price and the dress is just amazing. 

I think that this dress is just sooo girly and great for spring summer!
The yellow/lime neon colour is just great for the warm seasons!
The back cut into a heart is just beautiful!
It costs $22.99

Again all these dresses are from this page! The prices are super affordable as you are able to see and it has free delivery worldwide which just makes it even better!! 
You are able to buy many clothes for a low price and you are able to find things that are not available in normal shops. 
I just picked dresses that I personally fell in love with, but you can find absolutely anything there from accessories to jackets!
They have amazing things!
Let me know what you think about it and if you are planning on buying anything.

Hope you liked this post and it gave you any inspiration for the summer time. 
If you have any comments, requests, questions or ideas please leave them below.



  1. Dear, I found your blog randomly and I’d like to say it’s fabulous! I really like your amazing photos & style! Everything is perfect!

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  2. Hello. Thank you so so much!
    Went to see your blog! and I love it! Followed you :) xx