Sunday, 25 January 2015

Anti - Bacterial Hand Gel Collection Part 2

Here comes the second part of my hand sanitizers collection. 
If you want  to know the whole story why I have so many go back to the first part.

That is the end of my collection. 
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Sunday, 11 January 2015

Get Ready With Me: Weekend Day Out.

So, I have decided to do something a bit different, and I don't think it was done in the form of a blog post, so I thought I would give it a try.
Also I have to say it will be definitely a long one, so grab yourself coffee or tea for this.

I will give you a detailed routine of everything I do when I get ready in the morning on a weekend. 

Beginning with a shower, first I wash my hair with an Aussie Miracle Moist Shampoo and apply my  Kallos Cosmetics Keratin Hair Mask, if you have seen my Hair Routine or July&August Favourites you will see more about these products, however I have changed my hair routine and I use less products. Love both of these products and my hair is super soft and smooth after using them.
I keep the mask for about 2-3 minutes and in the meantime I begin the proper shower.

I have many shower gels and cremes, but mostly I have been using Soap&Glory Shower Gel (you can read more about it here) as well as the body scrub from time to time. I also like to use The Body Shop  Honeymania shower gel (for more information read here).
If I don't use one of these I use the rest of the products that I have (most of them are in my What I Got For Christmas post).

Next I start to shave my legs, if you have read my Morning Routine post or September Favourites you will know I use the Bioderma Hydrabio Mousse (that actually is for your face, but I use it for shaving my legs).
Then I wash my hair again and using the same Bioderma Hydrabio Mousse I wash my face.

After the shower is done I start with a body lotion or creme, I pick one depending on what I used in the shower. When I use the Soap&Glory one I also use the buttercream that I have also from Soap&Glory (if you want to know more it is here).
If I use The Body Shop Honeymania Shower Gel, then I use the Bath&Body Works Velvet Sugar Body Lotion (for more information go here).

Next I get out of the shower and dry myself. I wash my face using Bioderma Sensibio H2O, later I apply Skinoren Creme and The Body Shop Vitamin E Eye Cream.
The last things is my Avene moisturizing creme (wrote about it in My Morning Skincare Routine) and wait for it to dry.

Then I wash my teeth, which is nothing special and use deodorant, again nothing special.

The last thing would be my hair, I use the Aussie Miracle Recharge Frizz Remedy Hair Conditioner, I recently bought it as I run out of my previous ones and I have to say it is amazing!! It makes my hair so soft and shiny and basically they look much healthier.
Later I just brush it through with my Tangle Teezer.

When that is all done I will have to blow dry my hair and make it straight (as some of you may know, my natural hair is very very curly).
Later I just put it in a bun so that natural waves appear after few minutes.
When all of this is done I pick out my outfit.
For this weekend day out I have picked this:

Shoes - Pull&Bear
Jumper - Reserved
Jeans - can't remmber
Blazer - Zara
Bag - Mango
Perfume - Chanel
Necklace - Some shop in Norway

Now moving onto make-up.
My makeup differs almost every day, but I decided I will do my favourite one that I absolutely love, but only do on days out or weekends when I have more time, as it involves an eyeliner and I'm just not that good with that!

First I apply one to two layers of my favourite foundation from Rimmel ( The 25h Lasting Finish Foundation).  I have mentioned this product before and I can't picture my makeup without it. 
It lasts me all day, without any necessary touches during the day. Unfortunately, this is the lightest shade, but for me it is still a big too dark, so I have to take it down my neck. 
I use the Real Techniques Buffing Brush to apply it. 

Next I use the Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer, I apply two layers under my eyes and buff it using my fingers.  

Another step is the Powder.  I use the Real Techniques Setting Brush to apply the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder to set my concealer under my eyes.
Then I the big Real Techniques Powder Brush to apply it on the rest of my face and neck. 

Like I have mentioned before, this foundation doesn't match my skin perfectly that's why I apply a bit of the Rimmel Match Perfection bronzer on my neck just to make it even.

In this palette ( The NYX Butt "Naked"I have used the bronzer on the left, as I absolutely love it. It is completely matt and the colour is so beautiful, I think it would fit every skin colour. For blush I have used the second one on the left. It is this lively baby pink with a hint of shimmer. 
For this I use the Real Techniques Contour and Blush Brush

Next moving into my eyes and lips. 

For my eyes I used the Estee Lauder eye shadows in  01 Vanilla Pods. 
The lighter, caffe latte colour I used for my whole eye and the darker beautiful colour I used only on the crease. 
I have used The Real Techniques Base Shadow (left) and the Shading Brush (right) as well as the  Zoeva 228/Crease (middle) brush for blending.

Next part is the hardest one for me - the eyeliner! 
I think I have mentioned this liner before, it is one of the best liners I have used. 
It is rather easy to use, even for me and it stays on for the whole day. 

The last think when it comes to the eyes is the mascara.
I have used the Maybelline Colossal Mascara for bottom lashes and the Maybelline Falsies for the upper lashes.

The last step for my makeup is the lipstick.
I have wrote about it in my October & November Favourites .
I absolutely love this lipstick and I love waring it to a simple eye look.

Now as my makeup is done I move into my hair. 
I put my hair into two sections (down and up).
I use either my curling wand or straitner to make waves.
Recently I have been loving these loose curls at the end of my hair, as it takes me less time and they stay for most of the day.

I put a bit of Tony&Guy Moisturizing Shine Spray, just at the ends to give them more shine and make them look healthy.
Then I just begin with taking small sections of hair and making them curly just at the ends.
When this is all done I use Syoss Hairspray (not a huge fan, because it is not that strong, however it makes my hair look shiny and they don't look damaged).

Now here is the whole outfit put all together. 

Hope you enjoyed this kind of post. 
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Sunday, 4 January 2015

Dream House: Kitchen & Dining Room

Next dream house post, this time kitchen and dining room. Again like I said in the bedroom post, I really like modern and vintage styles combined together.  I dream of a chalk wall in the kitchen or dinning room, to write some notes, recipes or messages. 
I want a black&white kitchen with pastel colours accents. 


Love that everything is on jars and the smile lights. 

I think that's one of my favourites!

This mint KichenAid is something I have to have!

I really want this ice-cream maker! It has to be in a pastel colour. 
This is also from Zoe's blog.
This is from Zoella's blog.

Again,  Zoe's Blog.
This is also from Zoe's blog. I love the way she design her kitchen and rest of the flat.

 Dining Room:

These rose gold lamps are just killing me. They are perfect!

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