Tuesday, 12 January 2016

New What's In My Bag?

Recently I have changed my bag and I have to say it's my most favourite one. Even though I always used big bags, while this one is fairly small I do fit all of my things and I still have some space for more.
I absolutely fell in love with it the moment I used it for the first time, I love the details on it and how it looks when wearing it. The bag is from Mohito, I believe there was also a gray one. 

First thing I always keep in my bag is a phone charger and power bank. With these two things I know I can use my phone actively without being scared it will die. Also, my headphones that have to be tangled as always.

Of course my phone will be there as well.

Next is my Micheal Kors purse that I got recently as well. It's a leather navy Jet Set Travel purse. 
I have always dreamed of having one and finally have it.

My old time favourite Ted Baker make-up bag, which is very dirty and I can't clean it up with anything.

Something that I started to have with me everyday is an EOS lip balm and hand cream which I both adore. 
The lip balm is the new Berry Nectar scent and the hand cream is the cucumber one. 

I have started to have a planner with me, maybe not everyday but on days I know I would have to write something down.

Mac Lipstick in Twig which I like to have with me all the time in case I need a lipstick.

Chawing gum which is a statement in my bag.

And last things I have are my hand sanitizer that I like to change from time to time. At this moment I have the Midnight Pomegranate and Warm Vanilla Sugar scent.

Hope you liked this post and it gave you some inspiration.
If you have any comments, requests or questions please leave them below.