Sunday, 8 December 2013

Christmas Is Here!

Hello everyone,
So Christmas is finally here.. Okay well there are some days left, but I do feel very Christmasy lately. When the 1st of December came I was 'allowed' to start listening and singing Christmas songs and decorate  my room for Christmas. So yesterday I took a short ( well it's was about 3 hours but yeah.. very short) break from studying and started to clean up my room and put all Christmas lights and decorations in my room. When I finished I was so happy with the results. I definitely do need to get more things, but I've to share what I have so far with you guys.

I got these from my mum, they are from IKEA and I find them so cute and nice for Christmas. They do actually light up, I don't know if you can see that, because I took the photos when the sun was shinning in the morning. Though when they light in the dark they look so festive.

I know these last three photos are not so good, but it's so hard to take a photos of these stars on my walls, as the light is so poor in the part of my room. But I absolutely love them,  they are all back and silver with glitter all over them.  I bought them last year and I fell in love with how they reflect light a little bit. 

As you can see lots of candles, they are all vanilla, but  I really do love vanilla candles. The little angel I just put by my mirror and two candles just to make that corner a bit more Christmasy. 

This corner of my room I absolutely adore, I had these purple light for a quite time now and I never knew what to do with them and yesterday I got this idea to put them in a jar and I really like the effect. Also another candle.I have to admit I do have a slight problem with buying candles. Also the bears, I find them so cute and adorable for Christmas time. I actually have them all year around, but with the candle and the jar they look extra Christmasy. 

I had these for so long and also I decided to bright them out for Christmas. They are standing on one of my shelves right next to my bowl with sweets and chocolates. 

These light are always for Christmas in my room, I have two big windows and I decided to put these stars on them,  they do look amazing! Also I realized that I've gone for a star theme this year, but well who doesn't like stars.

Hope you like this post and if you have any questions, comments or requests leave them below. 

How are you decorating your room for Christmas? 


  1. i love all these! can you post a picture of the whole room so we can see all of them and how they look together?

    1. Thank you so much! Would anyone like me to do an Updated Christmas decorations in my room, because I'm getting new Christmas things, but also I would do kind of like a room tour so you would see how it looks all together? xxx

    2. yes please, could you do both? i love room tours :) you could do both in one, or each in a separate post, whichever. so long as there's a picture of the whole room where we can see all the decorations!

    3. Sure. I'll do it not this weekend but the next one so I'll have everything what I need :) Hope you will like it :) xx

  2. Love this, it all just looks so beautiful and classy, which can sometimes be a hard thing to do with christmas decorations, I so need to sort my act out and get decorating my home

    Please come check out my latest post if you have time :)

    Fragile Bird |



    1. Thank you so much love. I checked out your blog it's so lovely! Followed you on Bloglovin :) xxx