Tuesday, 30 December 2014

What I Got For Christmas & Small Christmas Haul

Sorry for being late for two days, but I couldn't take all of the pictures and I was quite late in the evening on Sunday.
Anyway, I want to share with you what I got from my friends and family for Christmas and also a small haul. 
I'm so grateful for everything I got and I'm not trying to brag or anything.  
Let's begin with the things I got for Christmas.

These amazing, super soft slippers that look like bears. I absolutely fell in love with them and they are so comfortable and warm. 
As you can also see on the first photo I got such a cozy, grey/white dressing-gown, that I lovee!
Also my new pyjamas that are also visible. They are pink/grey/white and a baby pink top. 
What you can't see in the picture is a big, cozy, white blanket that you can partly see in my Christmas Decor post. 

This is a book by three authors including John Green. It's called "Let It Snow: Three Holiday Romances". I started to read it and it is one of those books that when you start to read it, you can't get enough. This book consists of three stories that are connected with each other in few details. 
I would absolutely recommend this book to anyone who likes romances or just a good, ligh read for the Christmas. 

This beautiful Zara necklace, that I wanted from a very long time. I love it and as you know I love all statement necklaces, this one is not so big, but it adds such a nice element to your outfit and it is so simple and classic. 

This Beauticology christmas set that smells so nice and wintery and christmasy. 
There is a body wash in the smell of Sweet Gingerbread and the second one smells like Hot Chocolate and it is a Body Creme. There is also a soap that smells like Creamy Marshmallow Frosting. I adore these smells and the quality of these products. 

I got a gift card for Douglas and I'm planning on buying a YSL lipstick. 
Any suggestions? I really want a nude/peachy/pink shade. 

I wanted this NYX Butt "Naked" palette for a while now, as I realised that I mostly use nude colours for everyday makeup and I'm running out of all of my old ones, so I really wanted this palette as I read some good review on it ( I'll do one myself as well ). I really liked that it also has blushes, highlights and bronzer as well. It could be great to just take with you while going on holidays as you have everything you need in there! The colours are absolutely beautiful and the quality is also amazing. 

All of these presents that I'll show you now are from my best friend and I absolutely love all of them.

Love the Rimmel Lipsticks, this one is in number 10.
Love all Disney movies and I'm collecting them, so "Little Mermaid" was a perfect gift.
Last thing is a present from my amazing boyfriend, I was talking about these eye shadows for a while now and I bought them for me. 
I'm so happy about them and they are my favourite eye shadows now! 

These two eye shadows are absolutely amazing. I have been using them for a while now and they are pigmented, lasting for a long time and the colours just fit perfectly. 
They are in the colour 01 Vanilla Pods.

Now going into the haul, it' just few things I got while I was in the shopping center during the weekend. 

First we have the bag and the shoes, they are both from Mango. 

I wasn't sure about this bag, as I was looking for something a bit different, but I couldn't find anything and I came across this bag and I really liked it. 
It's not too big not to small and the quality looks very good as well. The details are gold which is a big plus, as I prefer gold over silver and I just like the overall look of it. 

I absolutely fell in love with these shoes now! I never liked shoes that are pointy, but I find these so beautiful. 
I hope they will be comfortable especially as my feet are quite boney and it's hard to find any shoes that fit me. 
There are two straps, but most probably I'll take one out as I fell like it looks much better. 
It has a golden heel which makes them a bit more elegant. 

Next we have two things from Zara. 

This amazing grey blazer is my new favourite clothing piece. I was looking for such a blazer for a long time and I came across it when I was in Zara and I fell in love with it. 

This necklace is just soooo beautiful! I just love how it looks like with something simple, the colour is a light berry/pinky. 
I'm going to wear it on my prom to my black simple dress. 
I wanted this necklace for a long time now. 

The last two things are the things that I have finished and I needed to re-buy them. 
I haven't used this mascara for a long time so I thought I would try it again. 
This foundation is the best foundation I have ever used and I run out of it so I needed to buy it again.  

Hope you liked this post and if you have any questions, comments or requests please leave them below. 


Sunday, 21 December 2014

It's Beginning To Look Like Christmas!

Like I promised, here is a post on my Christmas decorations in my room. 
If you would like, I could do another post with pictures of Christmas decorations that are in the rest of the house — in the living room, kitchen and so on. Let me know if you would like that. 
But for now, here are the ones that I have decided to pick for my room this year. 

Hope you liked this post and if you have any comments, requests or questions please leave them below. 
Let me know if you would like to see other rooms in the house with Christmas decorations.
Also do you want me to a few posts with recipes for any of Christmas treats I will make?