Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Inspiring Wednesday #2

Hey everyone,
Sorry I didn't post on Sunday, but school is so crazy right now. I'll try to post something on the weekend.
Hope you like this weeks Inspiring Wednesday.

These days we don't really know who are 
our real friends. 
I know that most of us are suffering from having 
problems with fake friends. 
I hope this goes away after school when you can pick 
your true friends by yourself and just spend time with the 
true ones.
Anyway what I figured out and started to apply to my life
if there are toxic people in your life get rid of them!
I know it can he hard, but at least try to avoid them or spend the smallest amount of time possible. 
I'm sure most of us have that one or more best friends, 
I know when you are in school there is so much drama
but let's just hope it will disappear. 
Just remember don't force yourself to do something you are not okay with.
Stick with people that you love and feel comfortable with. 



  1. I think you should come back to sunday's posts,'cause they were really interesting and you were posting them more often than this "inspired"one

  2. Oh I know they are better, but you have no idea how much work I have and I still want to post something that's why I came up with this thing. I don't know if I should keep this and post on Sundays like it was at the beginning or stop this Wednesday ones? also some requests would really help me as I'm running out of ideas for the main post, so please help me. xxx

  3. I think sundays posts were more interesting because they contained loads of informations which was better.inspiring posts should be once for 2 weeks...
    Gosh,there are many ideas.clothes,diet,sometimes cosmetics,sports,recipes,cooking sth like that

    1. Alright then :) the inspiring ones will be one every 2 weeks and when it comes to the main posts I'll try my best to post them every Sunday but I can't promise. I do have some great ideas for the next posts including something connected with fashion, beauty and there will be some DIY and baking as Ester is coming. I hope it will be more interesting and everyone will enjoy it. xxx