Monday, 14 October 2013

Fashion/Beauty Haul

Hello everyone,
I recently have been shopping, therefore  I decided to share with you what I got. It's not bought during one shopping trip, but different ones throughout the month.  I'm so excised about everything I got and I can't wait to try them out.

Guys you have no idea how hard it is to take a good photo with such a bad lighting in my room. I hope you will forgive me if some of the pictures look bad. 

Let's start with clothes, the first thing I want to show you is my jacket that I got from Zara about week or two weeks ago. 
Jacket - Zara Basic 
It was the worst photo to take because that jacket it really hard to show on camera. It this nice army dark green colour with leather sleeves. The white 'bear' as I like to call it, can be removed and you are left with this baggy 3/4 sleeve jacket for wormer days, in autumn or spring. I absolutely love this jacket though there are different opinions about it. When I will be doing a lookbook I'm sure this jacket will be included, so you will see it better. 

Next thing will be my circular scarf or whatever you call it :), gloves and a beanie. 
Beanie - Carry
Scarf + gloves - Pimkie
They are a bit different when it comes to colours, but I think they look really nice together, the beanie is a bit darker then the rest, but I love the patterns on them plus the scarf is so soft! I can't wait to wear it! 

The next things will be a jumper and a cardigan. 
Jumper - Stradivarius 
It's this nice black and white knitted jumper, it super soft and worm. I thought it will look nice with black pants or jeans and the Zara jacket or leather jacket I have.  It so cozy and it's great for colder days. There was also a cream and light/baby pink ones but I wasn't so sure of the colours, that why I picked this one. 

Cardigan - Zara
It also so hard to show on a photo, it this gray/cream colour, and the sleeves are short, but also it's kind of like a waterfall style one. I absolutely fell in love with it when I saw it.  It's great for layering for autumn and winter. It will also be in a lookbook so you will see it better, I hope :). 

Next are just some normal tights, they are a bit thicker so they will be perfect for colder days, to wear with skirts or dresses. They have this knitted detail which I love and I think they are just a bit different. 

Tights - H&M
The last thing when I comes to clothing will be my boots.  I have to be honest I was looking for boots over a month and even, when I bought ones I returned them because I wasn't sure. I quite like these, they have silver studs on the edges and a buckle on the side and they look really nice on the leg so I kept them.I don't even want to look for shoes any more because I can't find any nice ones that will look good on me. 

Now let's move on to jewellery, I didn't get a lot as I'm not a really big fan of wearing a lot of it.
Rings - H&M

Bracelet - Orsay
  I got these rings as I really wanted these mid finger rings, so I bought some and I'm very happy about them I definitely need to buy more of rings for winter as I have this phase that I really want to wear them. 
The lovely bracelet I got from my best friend. It will look so nice with blouses or jumpers! It just so cute, plus it's black so it will look good with everything. 

Now lets move to beauty things.. 
The first thing will be fragrance, my dad bought me the new Marc Jacobs Honey perfume, that I fell in love when I first saw the bottle and I'm not even mentioning the smell that is incredible. 

Look at it! Isn't it just so cute!? The packaging is amazing and the smell is just wonderful. I can do a review on it when I will use it a bit more?.. 
When I was buying the jacket  in Zara and you are waiting in a queue they put all of the Zara perfumes on the counter also those small roller ones. I couldn't resist and I bought one, but I'm sure the next time I will be in Zara I'll buy one more. the packaging is so small which makes it easy to throw it in your bag or have it with you all the time. 
Zara - Wild Rose 
Next thing will be my new Essie Nial Polishes and Bourjois Color Boost lipstick. 
Left one : Bobbing For Baubles
Right one: Need A Vacation
 I love these colours, the dark navy/grey is just perfect for winter because of the dark colour.  The Pink one is just so pretty and I couldn't resist it, maybe it's not  a autumn/winter colour, but it's nice to add a bit brighter accent to your clothes during that time of year. Plus those two colours look great together.

Bourjois Color Boost - 06 Plum Russian
 It's this lovely dark plum colour that I was looking for, it's amazing for autumn and I have been using the Color Boost 04 Peach On The Beach one during summer so I know it's a great lip stick. 

Today I went a bit mad in Inglot though I regret not buying more. I'm sure I will go next week or in a few weeks to but more eye shadows and blushes ect. 

Left one : 452
Right one : 341

Eye Makup Base - 01
I wanted to buy this nice burgundy colour for autumn and I wasn't sure which one to pick, but I went with this nice shimmery one that it very similar to Mac's - Cranberry, at least that's what I think. Also I wanted a nice colour to go with it so I found this matt light cream/pink one. I love them and I can't wait to wear them together. There was also a sale for a eye make-up base that I wanted to but for so long and when I heard there is a sale I just didn't have a choice not to buy it. I will do a review on these two things after a while of using them. 

The last thing I got is a but random but these are two scented candles.

The left one is called "muffin" and the right one is called " wild berries". I have to say they both smell so good it's unbelievable. The berry one is a bit more fresh but it's also so sweet like candy and the muffin one is smelling like cupcakes, vanilla, cinnamon and sugar. It perfect for winter, I need to get myself one more of these. 

I think that's all for my haul post I hope you liked it. It's something new for me so don't be angry if it's not the best. 
If you have any comments, requests or questions leave them below. 


  1. I love that coat and perfume and nail polishes! Basically i want everything that you bought!
    Lovely blog!

    1. Thank you so much! It means a lot to me that you like my blog! I was just on your blog and I love the post with the nial polishes collection! xxx

  2. I want everything you bought! haha the dark navy/grey nail polish is beautiful!

    1. Thank you! The Nail Polish is just incredible... I'll definitely have my nails painted that colour for my lookbook! xx

  3. great post! would you like to follow eachother?

    1. Thank you! Yes I just followed you, you have an amazing blog! xxx

  4. I want to try Inglot palettes so bad, their eyeshadows are so pretty

    lovely blog