Sunday, 29 December 2013

New Year's Resolutions & My Tips To Achieve Them.

Hello everyone,
So on Tuesday we have New Year's Eve, I can't believe how fast this year has gone. Maybe it's good that we are ending this years, as it wasn't one of my best years to be honest. I was thinking recently about my new year's resolutions, I always had one and well it normally didn't work out, but I was thinking this year to make a proper list of things that I want to achieve. First I just want to say that maybe it won't be that interesting for you, but for me it's very important and maybe if I write them down I'll have more motivation to achieve them. Maybe some of them will be similar to yours. I'm going to tell you what I'm planing on doing to reach them, maybe throw some tips or advice for you, if I'll be able to.

Fist when you are making a list, not just new year's resolutions but any list that you want to achieve, don't make it too long, it's better to reach all or most of your points then nothing, because there will be to much.
Here we go...

      1.  Loose weight & be healthy.
I know what you think... that's like a resolution every week, but this time I mean it! I'm going to find a way for me to start liking exercising.. if you have any recommendations, let me know! Other then just becoming more fit I want to start eating healthy and I'm actually going to dietician, because I'm a vegetarian and my mum is concerned, if I'm eating what I should also I like it when I have everything written down.. that gives me more motivation. If you don't want to go to anyone and just do it yourself, I also have an advice to you. Search for healthy recipes and foods that are low on calories, but also healthy and write them down. Next take a paper and write everything you will eat on a specific day. You can also count down the calories and remember about drinking lots of water, you can also take photos of what you eat even the bad ones like chocolate, because this will help you look back at what you are eating. Make yourself two list of tables. One with all the foods that you will eat and the second with written down exercises for each day. Remember keep going, don't give up even if you are tired or you don't see the results. They will be there just take time and after a month fitness and healthy eating will be something natural for you.
If you have extra problems with craving and eating sweets make two jars. One with written down things you can do in your free time,when you are 'hungry' but actually most of the time you are just  bored. Second one should be empty and when ever you feel like buying yourself a chocolate bar or anything unhealthy put the money there, in a few months you will have enough money to buy yourself something new.

     2.  Live life & worry less.

That's a harder one and just to say I don't have good advice on this one as I'm just starting this. I think I just take things a bit too seriously and I'm trapped in my life, I'm not living but I'm more of a prisoner. I really want to change it.  I think the best way is just to stress less about everything especially school, not care about anyone but you.. I think that sounds bad but we really do care about everyone but ourselves. Maybe start doing something that you never would do and be more spontaneous. Leave everything behind and start over with a different attitude. Leave what's bad behind and just live your life how you want it with more confidence. Yeah I know easier said then done, but maybe we can make it work.

      3.  Find something that I love doing. 

By this I mean to do something that makes me happy not just work for school. This blog is something like that, also writing but I don't have time for that and ideas for everyday to write. However I want to find something that I can do everyday that I'm looking forward from the moment I wake up. I have no clue how to figure it out this but I'm hoping it will come to me one day and I'll know what to do with myself.

       4.  Be more confident & be nice to people. 

Be more confident that will happen if I get to the stage that I'll like the way I look and I'll be happy with my life. So that means the first two resolutions have to be achieved. When it comes to being nice to people is just being kind and always helpful even though I don't like someone just to be remembered as the happy, helpful & nice person. I think that if you are nice and kind it will come back to you and you will get something in return, also you have this satisfaction that you helped someone. 

       5. Do something I wouldn't normally do. 

I really want to experience something so spontaneous and adventurous. I think if this can happen  during summer. I just want to be open to different opportunities and I hope I'll get them throughout the next year.  I guess what we can do to achieve this is to be open to meet new people and things that can lead to unbelievable experience.

I really do hope that all these resolutions will come true and at the end of December of 2014 I'll do a post about it and we'll see what I have achieved. I want to know some of yours new year's resolutions, so please leave them below. I just want to wish you all a Happy New Year and here I found great wishes and I hope everyone will be happy next year.

Hope you liked this post and if you have any question, comments, requests and new year's resolutions leave them below! 
Love you. xx


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  2. Thank you so so much babe! I'll do this on Sunday! Can't wait :) xxx