Sunday, 27 October 2013

My Dieting/Fitness Story Update.

Hello everyone,
How did you enjoy my Autumn lookbook? I hope everyone is doing just fine, so I have been requested in the comments on one of my previous posts, if I can do an updated my dieting story, so I here we go...

I don't think I have said that before but I  don't believe in any diets, I don't think they work.. yeah you do lose weight but after a while you come back to the same or ever gain more. I have never been on a diet that you have yours days written down and what you are going to eat everyday. Sometimes it's not enough for you because your organism need more and you have a specific day routine and if you mess it up the diet is not working any more. So you will starve yourself and that's even worst.  By the way I hate the word "diet" especially in my case as I haven't been on one, so from now on I will use the word "healthy eating". Like I said in my previous post  I have been trying to do everything what's best for my body, but to be honest I'm not doing a good job lately.
I'm a vegetarian for about 5 months now and during the first two months I have lost about 4kg and I was so happy and become more confident, but well later I gave up all the healthy eating and training and now school started and it's so hard not to eat unhealthy foods and sweets during school year. I gain like a kilogram or two so that's really bad as you can't maybe see a lot of changed but still I don't like to see me going to the bad weight again.  I do promise myself everyday to start eating healthy again and work out, but I just don't have the motivation. So if you are struggling with your motivation and fitness you are not alone. 

Now that school started I tried to go back to my good and healthy habits... well it didn't work.
I actually do have a plan!! I started the IB diploma programme and there is something like CAS ( Creativity, Action, Service ) I do have to do all of these things,but we are not going to go into details ( if you want me to wrote about the whole system let me know or if you are planning on going for IB and you what information or just advice let me know.), we are just going to concentrate on Action here. Action is all about doing some sports and being healthy. I started my Action  last week, me and my friend will be going two times a week ( She is going 3 times a week ) for a  VacuFit ( I don't really know how to explain it so go on Google and check it out ), I actually really enjoyed the first training which is 30 minutes. I can't wait to go again as I felt really great after that workout and I wasn't that tired.I don't do it just for school, but also for my own health and well to loose some weight. I will do another post like that in December and tell you guys if it works and how my body is changing ( I hope it will change ). I'll of course start eating healthy again... I really do need to do that but it's not that easy.
We just need to set ourselves goals and work to got to them.
I have an idea maybe we could make some kind of a group of healthy eating and fitness. We could write to each other from time to time to update on what we have accomplished and how are we doing, also to stay motivated. If someone would feel like giving up we could inspire and motive one another. Let me know what you think in the comments or contact me on any of my social networks.

Also I would just like to say that I'm not encouraging that we should always workout and lose weight. It's your choice. I think that everyone is beautiful and unique in their own way, but if you are not feeling good about yourself or you are being unhealthy which can lead to different health problems, that's the time to change something about yourself. Switch your chocolate bar to a apple and you will feel better and look better in a few months I can guarantee you that, but you just have to stay on track and slowly get to your aim!

I promise to do an updated post about how my fitness and healthy eating is doing and if any of you want to join me in my little 'back to healthy life' journey just let me know. It's not going to be easy but it's going to be worth it and it's always better to be in a group.

 I hope that you liked this post and if you have any requests, questions, comments leave them below.