Sunday, 10 November 2013

Eleanor Calder Inspired Outfits

Hi everyone,
To be honest I didn't have an really interesting idea for this weeks post, I have so much school stuff that I barely have the time to do something for myself. Although I got into Polyvore recently, I was so into it for a very long but that was long time ago, I think it was a year ago when I was obsessed with it, but then I kind of got bored or something.. No actually school started.. anyway I though of this idea to make an inspired Eleanor Calder outfits during autumn/winter time.
I absolutely love Eleanor and her style is my biggest inspiration, there can be some accents of Danielle Bernstein aka. We Wore What, she is my favourite fashion blogger so there can be some ideas from her blog posts.
I actually had so much fan making these, I made seven and I love them I wish I had these clothes!!

This will be the end for today. Hope you find it interesting and you like it. If you want me to do more of these kind of post and to make outfits like that then let me know. 
Please leave me some ideas or requests for future posts!

Which one is your favourite of the outfits? 


  1. Love Eleanor Calder
    she always look awesome

    1. She does! I wish I could have all of her clothes!! xx