Sunday, 17 November 2013

Batiste Dry Shampoo Review.

Hi everyone,
How are you doing? I hope you are all good. I had such a hard week and the next one will be even worst.
This week decided to write a review for you guys. I finally bough the Batiste Dry Shampoo that everyone was raving about. I decided that I have to give it a go.

To be honest I wasn't so into dry shampoo's ever, as I just like my hair to be fresh so I was just washing them every day, but when I started to use the Batiste I have saved to much time and my hair looks amazing after applying it in the morning. I have these three though my mum stole one from me :(.

The first one I bought was the blush one and the smell is incredible, it quite sweet so if you don't like sweet smells this one is not really for you, but it's not that sweet as there are some flowers in it. When I smell this it reminds me of spring time and flowers growing after long cold winter.  I apply just a little bit in the evening and then much more in the morning, and then massage hair with my fingers and then style it and they give so much volume and they smell so nice.

The next ones I bought together and the cherry one my mum took from me as she kind of also got obsessed with them. The cherry one smells really fresh kind of like just normal reference that you would use. You can't really smell the cherry it's more of a fruity smell with a hint of cherry. I really like that smell and I thin these three will be the once I will be repurchasing the most.

The last one I own is the most popular I think the tropical one, it smells like haven. If you like sweet and coconut smells it perfect for you. It's like putting coconut oil or something in your hair. Put it in your hair even if you just washed it, put it for that smell and the volume these dry shampoo's give you. They make your hair soft, smell incredible and the VOLUME!! It's haven for hair!

I absolutely love these dry shampoo's! And the price is so good, it's so cheep and so amazing at the same time.  I'll continue to use them, unfortunately they are not available in any shops so I have to buy them online but this it's worth it.
I almost forgot to tell you how amazing the packaging is! Looks at it... it looks so adorable and cute!

I hope you like this post. 
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  1. I've heard that talcum powder works as dry shampoo for blonde hair but i'm not sure if it works as i'm a brunette myself. I love the smell of these but I don't think they work that well but maybe thats just me! Great review x

  2. Why didnt you post anything?

    1. I'm so sorry but i had so much work and i'm feeling really bad. I'm going to try to post something during the week. I'm sorry. xx