Sunday, 20 April 2014

Zoeva Sun Power Palatte Review

Hello everyone,
Sorry I didn't post for so long, but school work is just crazy recently and I have no idea how I'll keep everything up, also I wanted to post something Easter related, but I forgot to take photos for the post which was very smart of me to do. Anyway I was just looking at some of my makeup and I decided to do a review on my favourite piece at the moment - the Zoeva palette with 10 bronzers and blushes. I got it from my lovely friend and I'm so thankful for it, as I got obsessed with it very quickly.
I have this thing that before I buy any beauty product I have to read reviews and really think about the product, while looking for this Zoeva palette, I didn't find many reviews on it that's why I decided to do one myself.

Let's start with the packaging and price. 
Well the packaging I think is very good. It's very simple with the white writing which makes it look more expensive or at least that's what I think. When it comes to price I don't think it's that much for a palette with 10 bronzers and blushes. It cost me around £15, which I think is very good for that quality and the amount. 
Now let's go to the main product, I was very exited when I opened the box, it all looked so pretty and clean. Anyway the colours are all shimmery or glittery, there is only one matt bronzer that is quite dark, but also not not too dark and I feel like everyone would look good in that dark brown

Let's start with bronzers, there are 4 bronzers ( 1,2,3 & 8 ). There is only one matt bronzer                         
(Number 3) which is not so good, but I do prefer shimmer ones so if you are looking for a matt bronzers you won't find them here. As a matt bronzer it is very dark (the picture doesn't show it just us), but on the skin is not that bad, even if you have very pale skin colour it will look nice. It's great for contouring and it's very easy to blend just like any other bronzers.  Number 1 & 8 are my most used ones, except the matt one that I use from time to time. They do have shimmer in them but it's no crazy and they look beautiful on the skin. They have gold in them, but I think they will look amazing on every skin colour. All of the bronzers are very creamy and easy to blend, but be careful not to use too much. I never used nr. 2 as I think it's a bit too glittery, it would be a nice colour to actually use as an eye shadow, but I'll give it a go one day. 

As you can see there is more blushes then bronzers in this palette, which for me is great as I'm a bit obsessed with blushes and if I could I would buy them all the time. All of these are shimmery,  not glittery they are just skimmery, but again they look really good on the skin and give you that nice glow. Number 4 & 7 are more on the red side, especially the 7. I don't think so I have used it, but it's a beautiful colour. When it comes to number 4 it's quite dark and burgundy, so sometimes I just use that on my cheeks and skip the bronzer if I'm very lazy. It's very nice and it can be very dark or you can apply it lightly.  5,6, 9 & 10 are pinky/peachy blushes that I absolutely love and I wear them everyday. They are skimmery like I said, but they won't be too glowy even if you have oily skin. 

After all I absolutely love this palette, the colours are beautiful and it's very useful just to have it like when you are going for holidays you have everything you need in there. The price and packaging is very good, and the quality of the product is amazing. 
There is only one problem with blushes especially, because they are so pigmented if you have a bit too much on the brush it can be hard to apply. Just like the sleek blushes they can leave you with too much product ( like a smudge, I don't know how to explain it good, but I hope you know what I mean ) in a particular area of you face/cheeks. 
TIP: If you want to buy this palette or you have it and you have problems with applying the blush nicely without any smudge, I found out that if you are using a blush brush ( I have the Real Techniques one ),or any with similar shape, use the flatter bit and go towards your hair line and don't apply a lot. It's better to build it up. Just do it very lightly with less product and it will look amazing.  Later if you are still not happy with the results take your powder or foundation brush and just blend it. I hope it makes sense what I'm saying. 

Also I just want to say again that I'll try to post regularly. I have some ideas for the future like a DIY or Lookbook and few more, but if there is anything you want me to wrote about please contact me. 
One more thing the Inspiring Wednesdays won't be ever week, but every two weeks. Hope that's okay with you. 

Hope you liked this post and if you have any questions, comments or requests please leave them below or contact me. 


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