Sunday, 22 June 2014

Summer Haul + Small Beauty Haul From London.

Hello everyone,
So for the past few months I have been shopping from time to time. Summer is coming and I'm planing many things so that meant I needed to get some new clothes and shoes.
Just to say at the beginning, these things are bought in the time of few months and I'm not trying to brag or anything.
There are also few things that I got from my dad when he went to London two or more weeks ago, he was at Boots and I asked for several things from Soap&Glory. When it comes to clothes and shoes I'll write where I got them under the photos.

Let's start with shoes, for me it's really hard to find any shoes now. I have very boney feet, as weird as it sounds, well that's the truth. All these shoes I absolutely love and they are comfortable for me, of course to some extent as after a while or at the beginning they weren't so great.

First we have my ballerines, they are super cute. I really like how they look on your feet - so delicate and girly. I have the black and the gray ones, the black ones are a bit too small for me as I got the wrong size but they still do fit - I just can't walk in them for very long time. The gray ones as bigger and they are much more comfortable. Maybe you are able to see that they are dirty in the inside - that's because I went for a walk in the forest and well lets just say it wasn't nice.
They are both from H&M and there are many more colours.
Next we have flip flops. You know what can I say, they are just standard flip flops for summer time. I really like the flowers on them as they bring something different and they match both of my bikinis. They are also very comfortable and they where on sale so I had to get them. 

Oysho. There is a sale there now so go and have a look!
Next we have my favourites right now and they are these sandals. I really liked the details on the front, as it's just something different. They are very comfortable, even for me.

Again they are from Oysho. 
The last we have my new high heels sandals. I never had shoes like that as I love high heel shoes but they hate me! I can hardly find any shoes that are comfortable and I can walk for a while. These are quite high, but I can walk in them for almost the whole day and my feet are not hurting. I also really like how they look on you feet. 

They are from Pull&Bear.
Now lets move onto fashion, it's really hard to take good pictures of the things but I'll try my best to show you, some of them I have pictures wearing so it will be easier. 

Pink one: Bershka
Black with tiny flowers: Cubus
Floral :H&M
These are my newest crop tops, I absolutely love them and I usually where them to skirts or high waisted shorts. 

This shirt is from H&M
This cute and sleeveless shirt, it's this lovely baby blue with small back/purple birds.  

These trausers are from H&M and the same with normal black leggings.
That's the gray cardigan, that baby blue shirt and black sandals.

Cardigan and these printed baggy trousers.

Again these baggy trousers and high heel sandals. 
Moving to the beauty or actually more like bath and shower haul. My dad was in London and I asked for few things from Soap&Glory. I absolutely love these products, I have been using them for a while now and I'm so scared I will run out of them in few weeks. They will be surly in my next post as it will be a favourites post so there will be more detail about them. 

These are the:
Foam Call Body Wash
Sugar Crush Body Buttercream
Flake Away Body Scrub
Smoothie Breakfast Scrub

Hope you liked this post and it if you have questions, comments, requests or ideas please leave them below. 
Also all of these pictures of me wearing the clothes are on my Instagram if you wanted to see.


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