Sunday, 14 July 2013

Holidays in Italy!

Hello everyone,
Yesterday I came back from my 2 weeks holidays in Italy.It feels like this was a dream because it went so fast it's insane.I was in a little town called Rosalina Mare which is about 50 km from Venezia. I was there with my parents and it was our third time in the same place. I was there when I was about 2 years old and 3 years ago.

While driving through Austria to Italy, when you are around Alps you go through a lot of tunnels. You can see the mountains really close and I have to say it's my favourite part of the journey,  Even though I’ve seen this view few times before it’s always breathtaking.

I was planning to visit some other places around this area as we were there already 2 times. I wanted to go somewhere where I have never been before, like Venezia ( I was there when I was 2 years old but I don't remember a thing ) and Verona, but  unfortunately we didn't manage to go there, which I’m a bit gutted about. Most of the time we spend on the beach relaxing. 

One day when the weather wasn’t so nice we decided to go for some shopping and I bought myself perfume that I feel in love with instantly ( there will be a post about that some other time ).

The other day we went to a town called Choggia, it is said that it’s like a mini version of Venezia. I have been there  before but as it's a quite a bit town I discovered some new places and I ate some delicious ice cream. I really love this place as it's much smaller then Venazia and there are not so many tourists so it's not as crowded. 

Me and my brother :P
Dress - H&M , Bracelet - Lilou 

On one of the last days we went on the beach when it was around 8-9PM the sea breeze and light wind was just incredible after a very hot day. I just sat there for a while and enjoyed the last days of Italy.

The last day was a bit sad because I didn't want to go even  though  I was getting a bit bored. I was feeling like this time it's really the last time I'll be there and I do have some wonderful memories from that place. Thankfully I still have 1,5 month  of summer left and I know I'll be spending some good times with my friends and family. Also I can’t wait for my birthday in less than two weeks.

Hope you enjoyed this post, for the next week I was planning on doing a post about fitness and diet, what do you think about that?
 If you want me to do a post on something let me know in the comments.
Also tell me in the comments what are your plans for this summer!!

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