Sunday, 21 July 2013

My Dieting/Motivation/Fitness story and tips!

Hi everyone,

I was wondering what I should wrote about this week and I decided to do the same thing I told you last week. Which means dieting, workouts and motivation. I remember when I was starting this whole experience with dieting,  I  have to be honest I was a bit lost. I never believed in all the diets they tell you to do,  I always thought it's  all about healthy eating and fitness. After a while I started to learn what I should do and what's good for me. I think this year was  the best year for my health and body changing.

I remember that day I was just going through Tumblr and I saw few photos of skinny girls and Eleanor Calder ( some of you may know about her, I know everyone has different opinions about her but she is one of my inspirations ) and I just got so much motivation from that, the need to lose weight because I really didn't like how I looked. I gained about 3 or 4 kg after summer and I just hated it. I started to read about everything I should know to eat healthy and get SKINNY!!
Look at this! Now I look at this differently! I don't want to get SKINNY! Because this is just not healthy any more!
That day I made a plan, wrote it down all my exercises and diet. At first I had so much energy I was working out everyday for at lead 45 minutes and eating really healthy, I was trying new things and everything was going great when about month later I didn't see a lot of results, but I continued and I remember there was a time I was working out 1,5 hour a day. Looking back I really regret stopping because it's so hard to came back to this habits.  I was trying so hard to get the perfect body, because I hated myself. Well  it didn't work I didn't lose a lot of weight maybe a kilo or so and the changes were small at least for me. Then I hit a little breakdown because I hated myself so much and I was trying so badly and nothing was working. I stopped and just gone back to all my bad habits which I really regret now!

So I stopped, nothing happened and one day I decided that during summer I'll work on my body again.
It's summer now and well I'm trying my best. The thing is, that since  the day I 'gave up' I changed my prospective and how I look at some things. If you don't love yourself and how you look now you will won't love yourself when you change and nothing will change unless you learn to love how you look.  I started to love myself when I saw that I lost a bit of weight because I become a vegetarian it's been less then 2 months and I feel amazing. I'm not encouraging you to become a vegetarian, because it's quite an important decision and I remember when I was younger my parents didn't allow me to become one. When you become a vegetarian you need to remember a lot of things what to eat to replace meat. ( I can do a post about that let me know if you want that? ) Since the moment I become a vegetarian I started to eat a bit less and I didn't give my body as much fat as I used to. I should really cut the sweets but it's just so hard but even though I ate sweets I lost weight and finally got to my normal weight. I started to work out again,  I found some workouts that I really enjoy and I like doing them.

That made me love my body a bit more and from that moment all the workouts are going easier, I see the results better, I changed my attitude and I don't want to get SKINNY  any more I want to get fit!
I'm started to eat healthy and give my body everything it can get! Of course I'm a bit addicted to chocolate and sweets so it's not like I'm throwing then out of my life because that's impossible!

So remember few points to get started and make your dreams come true :

1. Start to love yourself the way you are now because you are beautiful no matter what size you are!
    You can always change it if you don't like it but first love your body!
2. Get motivation and remember why are you doing this!
3. Be happy while doing workouts!
4. Eat healthy and drink 2l of water everyday!
5. Eat 5 times a day it really works!!!
6. Don't look at how much you weight look at yourself and how you body changes!
7. NEVER GIVE UP! The changes will come slower or faster but they will come!
8.  Workout as many times as you want.
9. Don't compare yourself to others. You can get inspiration/motivation from them but don't compare yourself to them!
10. Do it for yourself not someone else! Show everyone that you can do this!
11. Don't think about the haters! They hate because they are bored with their lives!
12. Do it to get fit not skinny! If you become fit, skinny will come with it!
13. Do it, to feel good in dresses, shorts, tank tops ect.
14. Be happy! :)

Sorry it's a bit long but I just wanted to say everything that I know and I can share with you! 
Hope you like it and please leave a comment with any questions or ideas! 

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