Sunday, 18 August 2013

Favourite Fragrances

Hi everyone,

I'll tell you about few of my favourites perfumes, which somehow turned out to be all from Burberry. I have to say that from the moment I bought my first fragrance from Burberry ( you will know which one in a moment ) I fell in love with their scents and every time I buy a new perfume they turned out to be from Burberry.

The first one that I want to tell you guys about my very first Burberry perfume, The Beat. I bought it last year and it's almost gone which just proves that I love them and use them very often. It hard to explain how it smells plus I'm not good at explaining smells but I'll try my best. When you sniff it first you might think it's quite heavy and more for the night out not a day wear. After a while you can smell the freshness and lightness. So you get a light and elegant smell at once, what's not to love? It' great for every occasion. Also it's very long lasting on your skin and quite strong so you don't need to spray a lot.

 The second one I bought was The Burberry Summer scent which is very light, summery, fresh but also sweet, as I love the sweets scents. This one is perfect for summer and spring it's not as long lasting as the other ones I have, but if you spray it more you are ready to go. I love this smell I use it almost everyday maybe I wouldn't wear it for evenings but for day time it's great option.

For the last one I'll tell you about the newest one I bought when I was in Italy. It the new Burberry Body Tender fragrance. I wrote about this in my July Favourites  but I'll just let you know in a quick way why I love them so much. The bottle is beautiful, it's long lasting scent so you won't use it up quickly. It's in a way fresh and light but then comes the elegant and a bit more strong scent. I think it's also great for day so is for evening. I think it's my very favourite from all of them!

Hope you enjoyed it and if you have any questions, comments or requests leave then in the comments. 

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