Sunday, 8 September 2013

What's In My Make Up Bag.

Hello everyone,

I finally got my beautiful make up bag I wanted for so long. Therefore I decided to make a post about,what do I keep in there. I personally love to read or watch videos about what other people have in their make up bags as it always gives my ideas on  what I should put in there that I don't already have.

I'm sorry for so many photos if just the bag, but I just can't get enough of it. I think it's so lovely.
So here is what's in it...

In this little bag I keep all my painkillers ect . I think it's such a cute bag and it fits perfectly. It's actually from my Lilou bracelet. When you buy one they gave it to you in that little bag so I decided to use it for some pills.

Nothing special here just some bandages, I use this plastic box to store them so they won't get dirty and crumpled.

You always need a mirror in your make up bag right? Well this one is so old and dirty but for now it's the only small one I have. I need to buy a new one though.

Some few bobby pins and hair bands is a must in a make up bag.

Jeanne Lanvin Couture
I got this sample when I was buying one of my Burberry perfume and I'm not so sure about the smell, though I still keep it in case I need to use some perfume. The smell is alright but not really my type.

Maybelline Color Tattoo 24h, 35- On and on Branze
I wrote about this in my August favourites and I just keep it sometimes in my make up bag just in case I need to put a little bit more of colour during the day.

This is my other  mascara  that I like to keep in there, so if I need to put a bit more during a day I just use this one. I think it a really good mascara it gives you volume and it's great on when you have darker eye make up or smoky eye.

Eveline Cosmetics bioHyaluron 4D Concealer, colour Nude. 
I use this concealer everyday and I always keep one in my bag when sometimes  you  need to put a little more on blemishes or under the eye. It's a good concealer but not perfect one. I personally like it but I'm still searching for a better one. It last really well and it gives a nice coverage.

I wrote about this before it's a great lip balm and I just always like to keep it near me,if I ever need to moisturise my lips. I usually keep one lip stick or lip gloss too but It depends on what I'm wearing that day.

Real Techniques Powder Brush
Rimmel Stay Matt Powder, 003- Peach Glow
 Lastly a powder brush and a powder just to stay matt all day. I love both of these thing and I also wrote about them in my August Favourires so if you want to read what I think of them go and have a look.

That it all I have in there and I hope you enjoyed it and if you have any questions, requests or comments leave them below. 

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