Sunday, 12 January 2014

Fashion & Styling Tips.

Hello everyone,
I was thinking of ideas for this weeks post and it hit me when I was falling asleep few days ago. I'll tell you some of my tips when it comes to styling. I hope you will like it and maybe find it useful.
When I was doing my make-up styling course during summer I learned some really inserting and helpful things when it comes to fashion.

There are ten of them, but of course there is much more. For now it's just ten. Let's start:

1) We are always strive to proportions. 
The 'ideal'  figure is hourglass ( which means that your shoulders are the same measures as your hips), but really all figures are beautiful and with a bit of help we can make a figure of an apple or pear into a hourglass. So when you have bigger hips try to put something that will be more eye caching ( like a scarf, layers of clothes and maybe bigger jacket), so that we will have an illusion of an hourglass.

2) If you have legs in the shape of an X or straight or facing outwards try to wear skirts or dresses up to your knee or a bit longer. 

3) When choosing your jewellery make sure it fits to you face shape.
Again the ideal  face shape is an oval but you can always correct that with make-up ( bronzer, blush & highlighter), so when you pick your jewellery and you have a face in a shape of an triangle try to avoid angular shape earrings  or necklaces.

4) Polo necks shirts make your neck shorter and you breasts bigger. 

5) 3/4 slaves makes you slimmer. 

6) Pockets on jeans. 
 With some patterns make you bum look bigger and flat.

7) Sunglasses should cover your eyebrows. 

8) Look out for shoes.
Boots can make your leg shorter and bigger.
Shoes with exposed toes will make your leg longer and foot shorter and they will catch more attention.
Pointy shoes will make your foot longer, not in all cases.

9) Sometimes you can wear monochrome clothes.
This means that you can wear the whole outfit in the same colour but different tones of the colour.

10) Tights with flowers and any patterns on the also if they are shiny will make your legs look bigger. 

Hope you like this post and if you have any more questions about this leave them below on contact me on my social media. Also I'll be open to any of your requests, they would help me a lot.

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  1. Omg,such a fantastic post.
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