Sunday, 23 February 2014

Spring/Summer Wish List

Hey everyone,
As you all know spring is coming! YAY! You can tell I'm excited.. I don't really like winter, because it's so cold and this year the winter was nearly without any snow, which makes it even worst. When it's like really cold, the sun is shining and there is snow everywhere, that's the winter I like, but nooo I couldn't get that this year. Anyway Spring is coming and Summer ( I can't wait.. so many plans ), and I made a 'little' list of things I really want for spring/summer time. I'm sure I missed something out, but here are some things I really want... for now.. at least.. for now..

Films! Lately I'm very very into films, all I can do now is watch films and YouTube, but that's a different story. So I'm just watching films all the time, whenever I have time and later I want to buy them all! So yeah.. lots of DVD's.

Crop Tops Last week I finally bought a crop top, just a long sleeves black one and I fell in love with it, since then I have been looking for them and I need them, when it gets hotter!

Back or Nude Small Bag I do have a black one so I'm looking for a nude one a bit more, but if I came across any black ones I may get it, anyway I'm looking for a small nude bag that will be great with anything.

Michael Kors Fragrance I didn't smell it yet, but I just have this feeling that I'll like it and I will want it! But yeah I want his new perfume.

Lip Sticks I want to buy myself a lipstick that will be a darker colour, but also it will be nice for spring/summer. I do have natural darker lips, so if I have a lipstick or lip gloss that is light it doesn't always look nice, that's why I'm looking for a darker, but still a bit light colour. If that makes sense.

Sunglasses Looking for a nice sunglasses for summer and for now I can't find any that I like, but I'm looking.. so yeah..

Jars Yeah that's an odd one to add to a wish list, but any way.. I was watching Zoe's video ( Zoella ) few weeks ago when she did the House Items Haul video, and she bought a lot of jars and I just got inspiration that I also want some, thought I have no idea what to do with them.

Yankee Candles I fell in love with them recently and I just need more of them in my life!! :P

Shoes As you may see there are a lot of them on the photo, I really want just classic black sandals for summer, white converse as I'm wanting them for sooo long now, black oxfords as my old ones are not so amazing anymore.. and they don't look nice and good with everything like they used to, black or nude classic high heels as I don't have any, the next would be high heels sandals - I just picture them with boyfriend jeans and a basic white t-shirt and a leather jacket! Don't you just think it will look amazing? Also I will need some ballet pumps, like seriously I have one very old pair and I need more for this summer! The last ones would be white vans or keds, I have been wanted then for so long now and I really want to try something new with shoes this summer, even though it sounds kind of as a standard I still want to try it. I think I'm getting this obsession for shoes from my best friend.. that's not good.

Jeans Simple I know.. what I need are some darker skinny jeans, maybe high waisted and a pair of lose boyfriend jeans.

Dresses  Recently I got into dresses for some reason and I really want more, especially when it will get hotter and when I'll have my new shoes ( the ones listed above.. I really want them. now.. ). So yeah just flowy, colourful dresses - best with collars.

Watch So yeah I know.. all of the ones I really like are very expensive so probably I'm not going to get one but it's nice to dream :), I'm in love with rose gold and I've been looking at watches from Michael Kors and Marc by Marc Jacobs. They are just wonderful.

Hope you liked this kind of post, of you have any questions, requests, comments leave them below. 

What is on your wishlist? 
How are you liking the new design of the blog? 

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