Monday, 6 October 2014

How To Style: A Dress For A Wedding

I'm sorry for this kind of post again and for being late, school is killing me and I was sick as well.
I promise that there will be a different more interesting post next week.
Recently I had to prepare for a wedding and I found it very difficult to pick a dress or to actual find a dress that I will like. Not even mentioning how hard it is to find shoes and accessories for such an occasion.  

Here are some tips, that I found useful, when picking a dress to wear at a wedding:

♥  Pick a dress that is somehow conformable.
♥  Avoid wearing a white dress. There should only be one white dress at a wedding. 
♥  The dress should be quite simple and classy. You can get a bit crazy with the accessories. 
♥  Find shoes that are comfortable, but remember to take spare flats. 
♥  Try not to wear a big d├ęcolletage.
♥  If the wedding is in spring/summer wear a dress in a light pastel colour, while when the wedding is in fall/winter you can go for a darker dress color.
Of course you don't have to, but that's an option.
Wear a small bag/clouch not a big baggy bag as it just looks much more formal. 
The makeup shouldn't be very heavy. 

Hope you liked this post and if you have any comments, requests or questions please leave them below.
Please think of any other items of clothing or accessories that you want me to write about.  


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