Sunday, 16 June 2013

Plans for summer 2013!!

You know that feeling when it's about April, May ect. when you absolutely hate winter and can't wait when spring will be over,  because you are waiting for summer so badly?  I had that for a long time now, but the funny  part is that I had it from the beginning  of fall, so that's kind of when school started and lots of studying came! Now I can't believe there are only 2 weeks left till summer! This whole school year went so fast it's unbelievable. I remember starting high school and  the horrible feeling of not knowing anyone. Thankfully I'm already over that. Now it's only two more weeks of school and SUMMER!

So I have planned my summer quite nicely this year. The day school is ending I'm going for holidays with my family to Italy. We are going to the same lovely place we went about 3 years ago and when I was really little,  but still I'm so excited to go there! It's a great place to relax and forget about everything . ( Look foreword for a post about that!! )Later I hope my best friend is coming over to stay at my house for about a week. I'm sure that not going to be the last time she will be at my house during summer.  Then there will be my birthday!!! I can't wait for that, I hope to spend it with my best friend and family, I thinking of getting a tattoo so that's going to be fun! Afterwards maybe, I'm going for a week with my parents,  my childhood friend and her parents to this place where we go every year for like 14 years now - yeah I know it's so weird. It's a little village and there is absolutely nothing! I know it's sound crappy, but still we want to come back there every year. Next there is a plan to go for a few days to my parents friends house in a different city, which means a lot of sightseeing for them, but for me it means shopping! I'm not sure about that though. The last thing are two courses which I will be writing about at the end of  August. One is about photography and the other one is about styling/fashion and make-up! I'm super super excited for that, I hope it will help me make this blog much better!

Well I think that's it for my plans for the summer, I think I will make posts about every event if something interesting will happen during them. I personally can't wait for them to start!!

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