Sunday, 23 June 2013

What's in my bag?

Hello everyone,
Since there has been so many video on Youtube like that I have decided to show you guys what I keep in my bag, but in a different way. Instead of a video (since I don't have a Youtube channel ) I'll make a post about it. Hope you will find it interesting, I personally love to watch videos like that and I'll put a little twist to that as this will be in a written form.

My lovely bag! I'm like obsessed with it!

Here are the things I always keep in my bag!

My purse that I hate! I can't find a nice wallet that I'll like! 

My very old iPod that I  keep for no reason.
I just feel weird without it! Though I don't use it..

Of course I keep in my bag lots of different lip sticks/lip balms ect.
Rimmel Apocalips - 102 NOVA 

I got this lip balm not so long ago, but I'm kind of addicted to it! 

I bought this not so long ago and I absolutely love it. ( maybe I'll do a review on it when I'll get more colours! )
Maybelline Color wisper -  Coral Ambition

My organizer. I always like to keep in y bag!

I just made this, it's a small notebook were I write ideas for my blog and all the things I need to do for this blog.
Here I have my little set for my contact lenses.
Here I have a vintage box where I keep two spare contact lenses just in case. 
My sunglasses as you can probably see!

My hand cream. It's alright though I need to buy a different one.

I always have to have a chewing gum in my bag! Maybe I'm addicted I don't know..? 
My iPhone charger. 
Headphone! Do you have any ways for then to stay not tangled?
My iPhone which I'm addicted to!

My iPhone case! I love it though it's very scratchy... it that the word? as you can probably see.

So that's all what's in my bag. Though I usually use it for school too, so I have lots of books, notebooks ect. and  it fits perfectly. I guess that's why I love this bag so much. The only concern I had when I was buying it, was that it will be scratchy and you would be able to see every mark because it's black and the material  - I'm positively surprised. I'm using it everyday for at least a month now and it looks like brand new and it's in very good condition. 

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