Sunday, 1 December 2013

November Favourites

Hello everyone,
I'm so sorry I didn't post anything last week, but I was feeling very ill/ I have tried to take some nice photos, but the lightning was just so bad and later I got a fever and to be honest I just couldn't move from my bed.
Again comes a time of the month for me to tell you about my favourites, there has been a few new products I have been loving this month.

Firstly lets start with hair products, and there has been a few that I'm very happy about. The Aussie products came to the shops during summer and I got my hands on the 3 Minute Miracle Deep Conditioner, I wrote about it in my July Favourites . After using it and being so happy about the results I went and bought the Miracle Moist Shampoo and Conditioner. It's for dry, damaged and like they said on the bottle a bit unhappy hair, I knew I wanted to try it out. The smell like I said in the 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner is amazing, it's very sweet like lots of sweets at once but also a bit flowery. I personally love the smell, but if it's not yours they have plenty of other shampoos and conditioners for different kind of hair and I know they also smell amazing. Now... I think these are really good products, they are very moisturising  and my hair feels so soft and healthy after using it, the smell lasts for a very long time and I have to say these are one of my favourites hair products.. right next to Tony&Guy. 

Now the hair product that I just fell in love with is the Tony&Guy Serum Drops. I was thinking of getting that for a quite a time now and when there was a sale in the shop I knew I had to get it. It says that it's for frizzy hair and it gives a lot of shine.. I do agree with that. You apply this on dry hair and it make them so much nicer, there is this healthy shine, not grease al all, but this nice shine we always want to have on our hair. If you do have frizzy hair or even curly/wavy it's great. It smooths them out and make them look much better. Also the smell is very nice like all of the Tony&Guy products. You use one to three pumps of the product, so  it will definitely last for a very long time as you don't even need a lot to make it work. Definitely one of my favourites! 

The next thing I have been loving is the Bourjois Bronzing Powder. I was walking around this product for few months and I was reading so many reviews, finally I bought it. I was a bit scared that it will be very shimmery and too dark for me, but it turned out amazing. It's not too dark but not too light. I love to use it also as a contour, but also with a bigger brush to put it very delicately as a bronzer. The simmers are not that scary and they give this nice healthy look. It also smells so delicious.. like chocolate so that gives it a bit plus. 

It's in the colour 52. 

Again a different nail polish I used, quite a lot this month, again it's an Essie one but you know I love this brand and these nail polishes. I have been using the Essae - Bahama Mama. It's this amazing dark hot pink with purple colour, perfect for autumn but also for summer to give, a bit different look. Love it to bits and there is nothing really much to say about it except that fact that I love it and that I would recommend it to everyone. 

Bahama Mama

 The last beauty things would be my Inglot brow eye shadow and the Real Technique Brow Brush. Inglot have these amazing colours for brows and when I finally picked the right one I was so happy with it. I use this everyday, it's amazing it's not too strong. The brush I started to use with it is the Real Techniques one and it's great like all the other brushes they made. It's very easy to use, soft, not very expensive and an amazing brush quality.

Sorry if it's a bit to dirty but I use it a lot.
It's the brown/grey colour in the corner.
number  - 560

I think that would be al beauty favourites this month. Let's go to the other thing I love this month. 

I have to me honest I started to listen to Christmas music a bit so there will be a few on Christmas songs just to warn you. 
Baby It's Cold Outside - Zooey Deschanel & Leon Redbone
White Christmas - Michael Buble 
Let It Snow - Dean Martin 
Happily & Half A Heart - One Direction 
One Night & Sofa - Ed Sheeran 
This song that is in the background of this video.  

The Hunt
YouTube ( that's a usual one ) 

I think that's all really. I hope you liked it and please if you have any requests leave them below. 
Also any questions, comments also leave them below. 


  1. so cool photos! love the Essie nailpolish!
    Emma xx

    1. Thanks. The photos could be better.. I need to work on the lightning :) Love you blog <3 xx

  2. such a lovely picks you have ! i am in love with the nail polis you chose :) xx