Sunday, 16 March 2014

Why I Love England So Much?

Hello everyone,
Sorry I didn't post last week, school is really bad lately there is just so much work, I barely have time to write this one, but I promised so I'm going to try to make is the best I can.

Most of the time when I say I want to live in the UK one day, they look at me like I'm crazy. They say it's always cold and it rains a lot, maybe they are right, but living in England is one of my many dreams that keeps me a bit motivated.
I was in London once for few days and I immediately fell in love with this city and country. This atmosphere that is in London, it's unbelievable or maybe that's just me who feels it, but that feeling when you really want to be in a place and you finally are -  that feels unreal. That's how I felt in London for these three days. Okay maybe it was raining most of the time and it was freaking cold, but when we were leaving, the sun came out and it was so warm... I will never forget the beautiful blue sky and sun shining when we were going to a tube after seeing the Buckingham Palace.

Maybe it's naive of me to think that if I ever get to live there my live will be 100% better... but you know what? I don't really care - I do want to live there and make my dreams come true. I do want to walk on the streets of London or any other city in black jeans, classic white blouse, black high heels and a nude clutch, wearing red lipstick with a big smile on my face to a job interview or to meet with me new made friends. That may sound idealistic, but you know I'm a perfectionist and I'll somehow make that happen.

I have this picture in my head when I'm at home in my new apartment in Brighton. Let's stop here for a while I do talk about London all the time, that's because I was there and that city is beautiful, but I think I would like to live in Brighton at least for some time. It's such a lovely city next to the sea and I love the sea, walking by the sunset or when it rains to smell the sea and fresh rain. Later coming back home and drinking hot tea and going through some work things or reading a book. Anyway let's go back to where I started, so yeah I do have this picture in my head when I have my laptop with me on the sofa next to the window that has the amazing view on the sea and I'm starting to write my first book, smelling my scented candles all over the room. Maybe having my dreamy guinea pigs next to me or in  a pretty white cage. The apartment would be kind of modern with vintage extras with beautiful fresh white or pink flowers on the table. In the evening having my friends come over to have some fun and just chat  and have a laugh. Preparing the dinner  looking so perfectly neat and tasty ( I hope ), with different drinks in fancy and cute mugs and glasses.
Having my best friends with me by my side; staying for a nigh, waking up, making pancakes with Nutella and fruits and drinking freshly squeezed orange juice.

Maybe that will sound too perfect and not possible to get, but you know this picture is in my head for so long now and I will do everything to make it happen.
That's why I love England so much I have so many plans to go there, to live there and maybe find my happiness. When I think of England I think of rainy coats, lots of umbrellas, very cute shops with different thing you wouldn't even think of and people  with that amazingly sexy accent. That's what I love about
this country, that  holds my dreams and the things that I love the most.
I'll come back to this post every time I have a bad day and I hope that one day I won't have to imagine anymore. When you are not feeling well  imagine yourself happy in you favourite place and think that if you don't give up today someday you will be there - happy!

I hope you liked this post, it's a bit different but I just really was in a mood to write something. 
If you have any questions, comments or requests ( I would love them ) let me know in the comments below. 


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