Monday, 25 August 2014

How To Style: A Midi Skirt

So sorry again that it's one day late post, but I came back from my holidays and I didn't have time to properly sit down and write something.
 Anyway I was thinking of posts that I can make in the future and I came up with this idea to make two up to three How To Wear Something posts a month. I feel like these kind posts can be very helpful and inspirational. I know I always look for tips how to wear a certain item of clothing. 
So I hope you enjoy them and please leave suggestions for future How To Style posts.

Recently I have been in love with midi skirt
( to be honest I only own one, but I just love the look of them )

They are very in fashion now and I see more and more people wearing them.
Here are some of my tips when it comes to Midi Skirts:

They can be worn in the day with sandals or flats as well as dressed up version to an event or a dinner with heels ( see pictures above ).
I feel that they suit every figure and don't be scared to try them out when you have bigger thighs or stomach.
When you have bigger calves they will slim them down as they come half way. 
Wear them at your waist not your hips, they will slim you down and hide any bigger stomach. 
They will look amazing with a crop top, but also a longer shirt tugged in. 
They are very feminine. 
When you pick the right shoes, bag and accessories you can go to work in the morning and finish with a dinner in the evening. 
They don't have to be in one colour - try something different and pick one with patterns or summer/fall colours. 
Try different types of midi skirts and I'm sure you will find one that will suit you!
The first one on the second photo have pleats and they may make your hips and thighs look bigger so be careful. 

Hope you liked this post and if you have any comments, requests or questions please leave them below.
Please think of any other items of clothing or accessories that you want me to write about.  


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  1. I love midi skirts! I've been meaning to buy one for some time now! I saw this really cute midi skirt the other day while I was browsing online, and I should really buy it for myself. Problem is, it's on the pricier side, so I should really find something cheaper anyways (hey, money is tight right now!)

    Anyways I really liked how you've styled the midi skirt with the various different outfits. My favourite look would have to be the last outfit with the daisy crop top.

    Tragic Couturist