Sunday, 10 August 2014

Warsaw Haul & What I Got For My Birthday?

Few days ago I came back from a five day holidays in Warsaw with friends,
we also celebrated mine and my best friend's 18th birthday, while being there.
We saw many places as it was my first time in the capital. 
 One of the last days we went shopping, I have to say I'm so exited and happy about the things I got. 
Also I want to share with you the things I got for my birthday.
I just wanted to say I'm not trying to brag or show off,  I just really like to read or watch these kind of posts/videos.
I hope you like it and maybe you will find something for yourself. 

First we have the things I got for my birthday. 
I'm so thankful for all the presents I got. 
From my family I got a new laptop - a Macbook Pro, which was my dream for very long time. 
My parents got my this wonderful rose gold cross bracelet and Chance Chanel perfume. 

From my best friend I got few bath bombs and three little soaps. 
I absolutely love these kind of things and whenever I get them, I'm so happy I can make myself a big bath. 
I got a rose one, milk & honey, carmel apple and peach & mango ones as well as the three soaps that smell like fruits. 
From her I also got the most sentimental and amazing present ever - it was a photo album.
It was made so beautifully with paintings and pictures from my childhood till now. 
When I was going through it, I was crying so badly,  she also wrote me wishes for my birthday. 
It was one of the best presents I ever got!

From my boyfriend I got a bouquet of roses and a necklace from Zara that I wanted for so long.
It so beautiful with pearls and little 'diamonds', I feel like I could wear it just to a normal T-shirt but also to a more elegant dress. 

That's all when it come to my birthday, now moving on to the things I got when I was in Warsaw. 
Beginning with beauty, I went to Bath&Body Works like five or six times, because I fell in love with the products they have and I wanted to try everything out. 
Yeah maybe that's a little too much of hand sensitizers, but I couldn't resist and I bought two for my friend so I'll have even less of them.
And I mean they are just so cute!!
They are a bit less then £2 each (9zł).
A body lotion with velvet sugar shea & vitamin E that smells like haven!
It says it smells like Red Velvet Creme, Golden Plum and Sugared Musk.
It costs around £10 (50zł).
And of course a candle. It's the Paris Amour one.
It really hard to explain this smell, as it's quite sweet but it also has this more fruity/floral scent.
It was around £17 (90zł).
The lip gloss is also from Bath&Body Works and it is very shimmery but it doesn't leave any colour on your lips.
It smells amazing and it teases so nice.
It is marshmallow and carmel scented lip gloss.
It stays on very well and it  was around £5 (25zł).
I also bought a black eyeliner from L'oreal ( it's the super liner back lacquer), it was 
£8 (40zł). From Maybelline brow pencil in Soft Brown and an eye pencil in 400 Marvelous Maroon, there was a sale for only £2 (9zł).
Then I went to Topshop, to be honest I was the most exited to go there as we don't have that shop in Krakow, but unfortunately I didn't find anything I liked when it comes to clothes. 
However I really liked the makeup they have!
It took me quite a while to pick what I wanted, but thanks to my best friend we left the shop after 30 minutes not an hour. 

I got two nail polishes in the colour Flamingo Coral (pinky one) and All I Need Is Aniseed ( dark plumy one ).
They were £6 each (30zł).
This beautiful pinky peachy lip stick in Macaroon which was £10 (50zł) and a cream blush in Flush that costs £6 (30zł).
That would be everything when it comes to beauty products, moving onto clothes. 
I'm sorry that the pictures are taken with my phone, but I didn't have time and someone to take good pictures of the clothes. 
So let's start with the shoes, I know that it's still summer, but for me buying  any shoes is a miracle as most of them don't fit me. 
I wanted these kind of boots for a very long time and I have one pair, but they are getting old and when I saw these I really liked them plus they are very conformable. 

They are from Pull&Bear and I got them for just £25 (129zł).
I absolutely love this dress! When I saw it I said I would buy it even if it didn't  fit me.
I bought if from New Look and it was £15 (80zł).

The shirt is from H&M ( I know it creased ), it was £15 (80zł).  The black jeans are from Bershka and they are very skinny and high waisted, they were about £19 (100zł).

This gray 3/4 sleeve shirt was from H&M and it was around £6 (30zł).

 The black cardigan was also from H&M and it was around £15 (80zł).

 This long back pencil skirt is as well from H&M and it was £15 (80zł).
The last thing are these high waisted navy trousers. They are so conformable and I love the floral pattern, I think they will look amazing with a white T-shirt or a crop top.
They are from New Look and they where £18 (100zł).
Hope you liked this post and if you have any comments, requests or questions please leave them below. 


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