Sunday, 31 August 2014

July & August Favourites

It's time for a favourites post, here are some things that I have been loving this past two months. 
Starting with the beauty things;

Bath & Body Works Lip Licious Lip Gloss in Marshmallow Creme - absolutely love this lip gloss! I think it's the smell that gets me, it smells like sweets, chocolate and marshmallow. 
The colour is quite sheer but very shimmery so it's a nice option for natural look or on a lip stick. 

Revlon Eye Shadow in 010 Bone - it's from the new range from Revlon. It's a vanilla matt simple colour. I wanted one for a very long time, as all of my light eye shadows where shimmery and when I saw the new eye shadow from Revlon I though I would give it a go.
It's not as pigmented as I though it would be, but I quite like the formula and it looks really nice on the eye lid. 

The nail polishes from Topshop in Flamingo Coral ( pinky ) and All I Need Is Aniseed ( plumy ) - some of you may know that the Topshop nail polishes formula is amazing,  they don't chip, they stay very long and they apply easily. 

Rimmel Nail Polish in 853 Pillow Talk - again amazing nail polish from Rimmel, the colour is a beautiful baby blue with a big of shimmer. Lovely from spring and summer. 

Maybelline Brow Pencil in Soft Brown - I was advised to get that at a drug store and I absolutely fell in love with it. Using this pencil is super easy and the colour matches my brows. 
It's a creamy formula and when you apply is in quick strokes it creates a natural look. It also has a brush at the other end to stroke the brow after you use the pencil. 

Topshop Lip Stick in Macaroon - this will have to be my favorite lip stick after my dark reds that I can't wear everyday as I go to school. This is a beautiful pinky colour very similar to my Topshop Nail Polish ( the pink one ). It's very creamy and it applies so nicely. 
Also it very long lasting and you don't need a lip gloss over it. 

Next Topshop product is the cream blush in Flush - it my first cream blush and again I fell in love with it, it's creamy as it should be, it applies amazingly, it has a slight shimmery healthy looking finish. 
On the photo the colour looks a bit dark but when you apply it, it looks very natural and pinky. 

Finally a L'oreal Super Liner in Black Lacquer - I have been looking for a good eye liner for a very long time - I finally found one! I have to say it's the best liner ever! 
It's very easy to use and it creates a nice fine line. 
It lasts all day and when you remove your make-up it doesn't smudge, it kind of rolls so your eyes don't get irritated. 

Next we have body, skincare and hair products. 

I Love Cosmetics Body Lotion in Coconut & Cream - I always wanted to try products from this brand, but we don't have them in Poland. When I was in TK-Maxx I saw this and I had to get it. It smells like heaven! This lotion is very moisturising and the smells stays on very long. 

Bio - Oil - it's an oil that you can use on your body, but I use it on my face as a very moisturising treatment. My skin tends to go very dry so every now and then I apply this on my face and let it sit for a whole night. It does the job nicely and my skin feels smoother on the next day. 

Kallos Cosmetics - Keratin & Chocolate Hair Masks  - they are super cheap which kind of lead me out of track as the big 'box' was around 2 pounds ( 10zł ), which is so cheap for 1000ml. 
Both of these masks are for dry and damaged hair. 
They smell amazing and I use them almost every day. 
You put them on for 5 minutes and rise with water. 
They make my hair super healthy looking and smooth. 

Pantene Intensive Repair Oil with Vitamin E - it is an amazing oil for damaged and dry hair. I apply it before bow drying my hair. It smells very nice and it makes my hair very soft. 

Now moving onto some other things that I have been loving throughout these two months: 

The Mask ( going back to the 90' )
The Other Woman 
Couples Retreat
FRIENDS - that's a TV series

Ed Sheeran - X ( Whole album )
Troye Sivan - Happy Little Pill 
Tee Shirt - Birdy
Problem - Arianda Grande & Iggy Azalea

Chance Chanel perfume 
Bath & Body Works Scented Candle - Paris 

Orange juice

John Green - Paper Towns
John Green - Looking For Alaska
( I have do a review if you want! Both of these books are amazing! )

Hope you liked this post and if you have any comments, requests or questions please leave them below. 


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