Sunday, 27 July 2014

White Houses & Turquoise Sea

At the beginning of the month me and my family went for a 2 week holiday to Greece.
We spend this time in a beautiful hotel on the East coast of Rhodes.

 Like I said the hotel was beautiful! It was all white, as most of buildings in Greece, but it was modern and cosy. 
The food was just incredible, everyday we had different things to choose from. 
My plan when going there was to maybe lose some weight and eat healthy. 
Well, that plan was ruined on the first day, when I saw what was served for breakfast. 
There where croissants with Nutella every single day ! 
I mean I tried, but it's not as easy as it looks like. 
Anyway, so the hotel was great. 
As you are able to see in the second picture, that was our view from the balcony. 

The beach we spend most of our time was about 5 minutes walk from the hotel. 
What I loved the most about that beach and I guess the area where we've stayed is the color of the sea. 
Also this beach was located in a bay, which made the views more beautiful.
The beach was stony, which I wan't so happy about at first, but after a while I got used to it and now I   prefer it over sandy beach. 

After a week on the beach, we decided to rent a car and visit few places that are near us. 
A 5 minute ride from our hotel, where we found a typical Greek town called Lindos. 
When you picture a Greek town you think of white houses, vintage design and blue shutters. 
That was present in Lindos, which made this place very cute and cosy. 
Although everywhere you went there where markets or donkeys walking next to you. 
That doesn't sound so nice, but trust me, it created a specific atmosphere, that made you love that place.
Even for me, though I don't like small places and a lot of people. 
These small, vintage and quirky ( in a positive way ) shops made you feel like you are really on holidays.
I think we where there two to three times, which also shows that it's a great place to visit. 

The view from a hill that you needed to go past to see the Bay and the town was breathtaking.

And yes, I bought a hat there! 

The next day we decided to see quite a popular place on that side of the island - the Anthony Quinn Bay. 
On our way we stopped by a small town. Unfortunately I have no idea what was it called, we just drove by it. 
We went up a hill and saw this beautiful view, on another bay.
There where few hotels, houses and restaurants down there with a port, but as it was so hot we decided to drive back to the main road to finally get to the Quinn Bay.

While driving we saw this beach.
It was almost empty, very wide and right next to the road. 
Looking back, I regret we didn't stop to swim there.

Finally we got to the Anthony Quinn Bay. 
To be honest it was absolutely beautiful, but the amount of people on the beach was just ridicules. 
There was hardly any place to walk between umbrellas and sun beds. 
I didn't swim there unfortunately as there was just too much people for me, but the view and the color of the sea just made it all up. 
I was thinking that if that beach was just for people to come, swim for a while and go back home, it would be so much better. The atmosphere of that place would be just incredible. 

Our last trip, we went to another bay called the Apolakkia Bay. 
It was on the other side of the island so the ride was a bit longer, but as Rhodes is a small island it took as about an hour. 
I found that place in one of our travel guides, I read that it's a very beautiful place and that sea turtles can be present there.  That was my main aim why I wanted to see that place. 
While driving, we where passing small villages or even areas where there was nothing but some trees and a road. 
After passing the town of Apolakkia we drove a way that was very twisty, when we finally got to the beach. 
There was absolutely nothing in that area, as you will be able to see in the pictures below. 
I think there where just two houses. 
When we arrived at a small parking there were few cars. 
It was very hot that day, but the wind on that beach was strong so after going out of the water, I can say it was a bit chilly. 

That was a view you drove to the beach! Amazing I know!
Now to the beach itself, it was sandy with rocks closer to the sea. 
The waves where much bigger then we had in our bay and like I said there was strong wind. 
I have to disappoint you, there were no sea turtles. 
I guess there was too much people in that part of the beach. 
Even though I came there just to see them, when I saw the sea I fell in love. 
I don't know if the pictures reflect how amazing that place was!

That was our lat trip. 
The last few days we spend on out beach, just relaxing and sunbathing. 
I really did enjoyed this vacation, the hotel was great, the weather was like a dream not even mentioning the food. 

Hope you like this post, if you have any questions, ideas or comments please leave them below.
There are more pictures on my Instagram if you want to have a look. 


  1. Greece is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing the great photos. Your hat is gorgeous :)
    Rathana xo ✪

  2. So happy you like it! And thank you :) xxx