Sunday, 13 July 2014

Updated What's In My Bag?

Hey everyone,
About a year ago I made a What's In My Bag? post, so I decided to make a updated version, as some things did change and well it's been a year, so I'll update you on what I carry around with me everyday.
What I didn't add to this post is many books or notebooks I carry with me while I go to school. Also I use this bag as well as the one from my first what's in my bag post.

First of all my bag is from Zara and here are the things that I normally carry around with me is:
- Wallet ( from Stradivarius )
- iPhone 5
- Headphones and charger
- Chewing gum
- Hand cream ( Soap&Glory Hand Food )
- Ted Baker make-up bag ( I bought it from ASOS )
- Few pencils, pens and colour pens
- Lip Gloss ( Victoria's Secret - Bubble It Up )
- Inglot lip stick ( in 264 )
- Maybelline baby lips ( in Peach Kiss )
- Avon color trend ( in Poppy Love )

 Hope you liked this post and it if you have questions, comments, requests or ideas please leave them below. 


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